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100% US Made

Warrior Products proudly manufactures 100% US Made Jeep, Toyota and 4x4 Off-Road accessories out of our facility located in Tualatin, Oregon. As a veteran-owned company Warrior proudly employs a large number of ex-military, National Guard and reservists as part of our commitment to support American jobs, American workers and the American economy in any way we can. Warrior Products will always be 100% US Made. That’s a promise!

Warrior's Mission

It is the mission of Warrior Products to design and manufacture 100% US Made products of the highest quality and to produce the most dependable Jeep, Toyota and 4x4 Off-Road accessories in the automotive aftermarket. The passionate team of American craftsmen that Warrior employs represent Warrior’s commitment to this mission. Each team member takes pride in the quality of the parts they manufacture and we believe that to be one of Warrior’s greatest advantages in accomplishing our mission.

Warrior's Commitment

Warrior Products is committed to quality, integrity, service and innovation…the values that our team believes in. As part of this commitment, we make the following promises:

Warrior Products will always...

• be 100% US Made
• manufacture the highest quality products possible at a fair and reasonable price point
• stand behind our products, providing the highest level of service possible
• operate with integrity and treat our customers, competitors and community with respect
• continue to innovate and bring exciting new ideas to life in the off-road aftermarket
• promote the passion for outdoor adventure and off road exploration



Q: How did you get involved with the aftermarket industry?

A: I got my start in the off-road industry by opening a repair shop that focused on off-road vehicles. Soon after opening, it became clear that our customers wanted more than just repairs. They wanted accessories for their Jeeps, trucks and SUVs. In 1992, we started building our own line of shackles, hitches, and other hard parts which eventually led to Jeep accessories. Warrior Products was born.

Q: You started out drag racing and then owned several Four Wheel drive shops, did you think you would end up building and selling your own parts full time?

A: While working in the industry and building my race cars, there was always a need to fabricate parts for truck users. As Jeeps became increasingly popular, it was a natural transition to start the Warrior Products brand. At that time we began building heavy-duty shackles, hitches and Jeep accessories.

Q: What do you think is the most exciting thing happening in the aftermarket industry right now?

A: Despite the economic difficulties faced by many, the market continues to grow. People still want to customize their vehicles, whether an import, muscle car, Jeep or truck. The demand from global markets is particularly exciting for Warrior and the industry as a whole. Global customers are pushing hard for “Made in the USA” products and really recognize the quality and the value associated with “Made in the USA” companies like Warrior. This pressure from global markets will help to elevate industry standards, drive innovation and stimulate growth into the future; that, to me, is the most exciting part of the industry.

Q: What do you think makes the Warrior, Inc. brands (Warrior Products, Flex Armor by Warrior, HoodLift by Warrior and Black-Knight) stand out from all the rest?

A: Our commitment to quality, integrity, innovation and service drives everything that we do at Warrior Products. We manufacture our parts in the USA to ensure they are of the highest quality possible, and then back them up with the best customer service in the industry. The Warrior sales staff has extensive retail experience in the industry, giving us an advantage when working with customers directly. As part of our commitment to quality, our engineering team over-engineers our parts, which helps to eliminate potential problems before they arise. We know what it takes to serve our customers quickly and effectively. Manufacturing in the USA affords us the opportunity to respond to issues quickly and modify parts to meet the customer’s needs. We also have the ability to take customer feedback and continually improve our products and processes.

Q: You recently purchased a company called Hoodlift that makes hood lift strut systems and tailgate systems. What attracted you to this company and this market?

A: Adding the Hoodlift product line to the Warrior family is a very logical step. The Warrior Products brand has become synonymous with Jeep, and Hoodlift was established as a product to assist Jeep owners who struggle with the heavy, steel hoods and flimsy hood props on their Jeep. Additionally, Warrior’s ability to rapidly design, and manufacture new HoodLift kits gives Warrior the opportunity to expand into other segments of the market. Warrior Products will continue to look for companies to add to the Warrior family, where we can use our manufacturing expertise and facilities to bring pride in manufacturing back to the US.